P89 Serial Programmer

Program NXP P89V51RD2 from your favorite Unix system

p89pgm is a command-line based Philips (NXP) P89V51RD2 microcontroller serial programmer for GNU/Linux and Unix-like platform, written to be simple and have little library dependency as possible.

It's also tasked just for writing program, not reading program or dealing with any fuse bits.




See here for more screenshots.

p89pgm 0.2.0 screenshot


For Debian-based GNU/Linux users: download binary package (*.deb) of your architecture in Debian downloads section, and install it with dpkg command line tool or graphical GDebi installer. In case your machine architecture is not listed, source package is also provided there for ease of building package under architecture of your choice.

For other Unix-like system users: download the source package (*.tar.gz) in Downloads section, unpack and build with your platform's compiler. (Follow instruction in README.txt file)

For Microsoft Windows users: download the Cygwin-based binary (*.zip) package in Downloads section, unpack to the desired directory, and you could run p89pgm.exe directly from there. If you are into the source code thing, you could download the source package and build it under Cygwin installation too.


p89pgm is written by Nutchanon Wetchasit (a.k.a. Nachanon Vetjasit).
Released as free software under GNU General Public License.